1-on-1 & Small Group Customized Online Training

Welcome to Papi G Fun Fit

Welcome to
Papi G Fun Fit

Online Fitness through Zoom

We are a comprehensive online training program done completely through Zoom. At Papi G Fun Fit, we help men and women of all ages move pain-free, build strength, get healthier, and look better naked! Your personalized program improves nutrition, mobility, strength, and mindset. Designed by a Master Trainer with over 80,000 hours of experience, Coach Pete Guzman. You are worth it, so let’s get started!





Become stronger, healthier, and more confident all from the privacy of your home

Technology and convenience have become a double-edged sword. We have more information and services available than ever before but we also spend more time being sedentary and being sick. At Papi G Fun Fit we seek to change that by using technology and convenience to improve our clients’ health and life.


1-hour Consultation

Speak with Coach Pete to tell him what your goals are, any limitations, and get his advice about how you can become your best self. The consultation is aimed at get an overall feel for the program, what to expect, and to get to know each other.

Nutrition Assessment

This assessment will be based on your goals (i.e. gain muscle, lose weight, enhance performance, build immunity to illnesses) By the end you will understand your nutrition and any gaps that may be causing you issues.

Movement Screening

Movement is so important to fitness. During this screen, done completely from home, we use state-of-the-art technology to understand how your joints and muscles are functioning to establish a foundation before we jump into intense workouts and weights.

Personalized Plan

By the end of the consultation, Coach Pete will have a good idea how you will be moving forward together as a team. After some final questions and clarifications, Coach Pete will contact you with a customized plan that will include a nutrition plan, homework assignments, access to instructional videos, full access to Coach Pete, and much more.

Get To Know Our Program

Get To Know
Our Program

Passion, integrity, and experience truly sets us apart from the myriad of choices you have when it comes to fitness.  All of our members work directly with Coach Pete Guzman.  A certified NASM Master  Trainer, and fitness professional with over 80,000 hours of coaching experience.

Your results are guaranteed. By following an evidence based approach to movement, nutrition, strength, cardio and mind set we can develop a customized program that will work for you. Because its designed specifically for you.  Our clients love the variety and attention to detail. Fun, safe and effective.  You are worth it!  Take an introductory session and see for yourself.

Providing a full service fitness experience with the client’s results as the guide.  People are less mobile, under new stresses and nutrient deficient. This is the first time in history that we are getting sick from abundance.  Technology is always progressing to make our lives better.  That advancement has been a double edge sword. Convenience and obesity and mobility issues have grown in concert. Instead of fighting technology. We embrace it and use it to meet you where you are. Online remote private training that includes nutrition, mindset, movement and strength.  You are worth it!

Come and play with Papi G Fun Fit!

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Meet Coach Pete

NASM MASTER TRAINER, CES, PES,YES, MMA-CS, SGPT, CNC, TRX, UFC GYM Master Trainer, 4th degree Black Belt

My fitness journey started at 6 years old when I entered my first martial art school. Movement, mindset, and strength built my confidence. The true game changer for me came when I was tasked to help lower ranking members. Coaching people made me feel better than even earning my own ranks. Since that time, I have been relentless in my pursuit to become the best coach possible. That is why I chose NASM and the OPT model. As a Master Trainer, I use evidence-based programs and my 80,000+ hours of training others to ensure my clients get the best possible experience.

Whether you have never exercised or have been training your entire life, I can and will help you. Our training will be fun and functional, and I guarantee my work. So, let’s do it.  Jump in with both feet and schedule your EMPOWER HOUR right now.

You are worth it!

– Coach Pete

Consultation Price

Consultation Price

Consultation is through Video Chat
State-of-the-art Movement Screening Technology
Get a Nutritional Assessment
Receive your Personalized Plan
Get to Know Coach Pete and Ask Questions

Contact Coach Pete

I will get back to you right away!

Contact Coach Pete today to start your journey toward improving your movement, mindset, strength, and nutrition. All it takes is a consultation to get started. I can’t wait to hear from you!