FAQ about Fun Fit Program

FAQ about Fun Fit Program

Get your questions answered about the Fun Fit program, directly from Coach Pete. We hope this ever growing list of questions and answers can help you to better understand what it is the Fun Fit program does and how it is different. If you have other questions or want to know speak directly, contact me here.

Why do I need the assessment?

A. The assessment gives you and your coach vital information. We will do some basic biometrics and lifestyle questions which include age, weight, body composition via LEAN SCREEN, posture and movement patterns via REMOTE SCREEN and nutrition via DOTFIT.

Once we see where we are starting from, we can come up with a personalized program that works specifically for you!

How often will I work with coach Pete.

A. After your EMPOWER HOUR. Coach Pete and you will create the perfect schedule for you. Most clients train between two and five times per week. The exact number will be determined by your goals, schedule and financial ability.

What type of equipment will I need?

A. Most people have some old gear around the house. Depending on goal and budget. You can use absolutely no equipment or have a fantastic workout with as little as $25 worth of equipment.

What platform will I be using to connect with Coach Pete?

A. Currently we are using 2 platforms that have been fantastic. First is Zoom. You simply click the link and get to having fun. The second is exclusive to members of Coach Pete’s FUN FIT program, called Pinpoint.Fit. The exclusive PINPOINT.FIT platforms will allow you to set appointments, attend virtual sessions, communicate, and make payments.

Do I need to have any experience with exercise?

A. With over 80,000 hours of coaching experience, Coach Pete will make sure you have success in each session. He has worked with people that never exercised as well as professional athletes. You will be in great hands.

How much does it cost?

A. Pricing varies on the program that is designed for you. After the EMPOWER HOUR (our first consultation which is $25) you and Coach Pete will design a program that works for your schedule, budget, and goals. There are monthly payment options. Session prices range from $35 to $45 depending on your program and payment options.

How will I know if its working?

A. During the EMPOWER HOUR we see where you are starting from Then every four to six weeks we will do another assessment. You will get access to these reports. They will have your progress information in easy to read reports. We also use the DOTFIT platform to track workouts and nutrition daily or weekly.

What if my question wasn’t answer here?

If you question wasn’t answered here, feel free to contact me here.