Is Online Fitness Training Right for You?

Is Online Fitness Training Right for You - Papi G Fun Fit Online Fitness Training Program

What Is Online Fitness Training and How Do You Know If It Will Work For You

Tele-training or online training has been practiced in one form or another for some time now. With the world’s current challenges. Our gyms closed or super restricted, social distancing, mandatory mask, and the virus continuing to spread. Mass quantities of fitness professionals have turned to the internet to serve their client’s needs. Prior to C-19 shutdowns, I had almost no video conference experience. It didn’t even occur to me to use facetime to communicate.

With this being the only way to train clients during a shutdown, I learned fast. I instantly saw the benefits. I had clients train with me from different parts of the country. I had a higher rate of attendance. I had less distractions from the other gym members.

There were some glitches for sure. But overall, I embraced this new mode of communication and service and jumped in with both feet.

What do you need to know as a client? Like most things in life. The more prepared you are, the better the experience will be. Here is a list of helpful hints to make sure your experience is top notch.

What software do I need for online fitness training?

Many of my clients use their laptops or tablets. I spent about $35 to get an adapter to connect my tablet to my TV via HDMI. It helps me see my clients very well. There are more options daily as far as platforms. ZOOM, FACETIME, GOOGLE MEET, TEAMS and now there are platforms specifically designed for fitness. Almost all options are great and add no extra expense.

Do I need a special microphone for online fitness training?

I do highly recommend using a set of wireless earbuds to hear better. I have also come up with some basic hand gestures to make sure that my clients are good and know I am with them. A simple thumbs up or down goes a long way.

Do I need some type of special lighting to train with Coach?

In order to see each other better. You should be in a well-lit area. The light source should not be behind you. Your trainer will only see shadows and might miss a movement compensation. You should be able to see the entire kinetic chain throughout the entire exercise sequence.

How much space do I need to train from home?

Leave yourself about 6 feet in each direction in an out of the way area if possible. To allow for full range of motion exercise.

One other tip is having a little tripod or stand for your smart device. It beats leaning it against some object and it falls over and breaking up the flow of the workout.

Do I need special workout equipment for the Fun Fit program?

This is a question with many answers. The short answer is “it depends”. The truth is I have clients with a variety of preferences and budgets. Some like body weight and calisthenics. While others like free weights and others like boxing. Let’s start with the smallest investment.

There are plenty of incredible workouts with no extra equipment needed. A towel or exercise mat if you will be going to the ground is always a great place to start.

I have had clients purchase a “stability ball” and set of resistance bands. They range from around $10 to over $100 depending on the brand and quality.

One tool that is well worth the investment is the TRX. It is a suspension trainer. It will give you endless options in many different aspects of fitness training. They are not just a fantastic product. They have a phenomenal education and support team to ensure quality workouts.

As you can see there is a great many choices. The best advice is that you and your trainer will devise a program and give you the best recommendations that fits budget and enjoyment

How will I measure my progress in the Fun Fit program?

How will you measure success? What feedback will you use to improve over time? This is where a great coach comes into play. They should have the skills and tools to provide you with the important data you need to succeed. I personally use DOTFIT to monitor nutrition and extra workouts. I use POSTURE SCREEN and LEAN SCREEN as well. They use unique technology to assess muscular and structural imbalances and body composition remotely. They also provide photographic evidence of your journey.

The convenience and comfort of training at home really seems to help reduce the number of obstacles that got the way of getting to a workout. The time you save traveling back and forth from the gym is a big savings.

Where can I learn more about Papi G’s Fun Fit program?

Still have questions? Then feel free to schedule the one hour EMPOWER HOUR session so that you can experience the session personally. I designed it to answer all the questions we will have about each other. You will know if this is a viable option. We will know if we are a good match. Having a great connection leads to better results and enjoyment of your training.

To schedule an EMPOWER HOUR for yourself, register at click CREATE ACCOUNT and select Pete Guzman as your trainer. You will then be able to pick an available time that works for you.

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