Do I Need Supplements?

Do I need supplements - papai g fun fit online personal trainer

“If you are eating properly you don’t need to take supplements. It’s a scam!” That was what I believed.

What I know today is that in order to enjoy optimal physical and mental health and performance, supplementation is a necessity. And it can be proven with facts.

If you were on a 2200 calorie a day diet, here is what you would need to ensure you are getting the recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamins and minerals set by the Institution of Medicine.

Every single day, you need:

  • 3 cups of vegetables
  • 2 cups fruit
  • 3.5 ounces whole grains (whole wheat bread, brown rice, oatmeal)
  • 3.5 ounces refined grains (white bread, cereals, pasta)
  • 3 cups of dairy
  • 6 ounces of protein
  • 29 grams of oils

If you take into account that some of those foods, like vegetables and meats, need to be mixed up, things can get even more complicated. For example with vegetables, each week you need to mix up 2 cups of dark green, 6 cups of red and orange veggies, 2 cups of starchy veggies, 2 cups of legumes, and 5 cups of other veggies like lettuce, onions, mushrooms, etc.

You need to get all your protein for the week from a variety of sources too. It is recommended that 9 ounces come from seafood and 28 ounces come from meats, poultry, and eggs.

I know that this is not how I eat every day.

The reality is even if this exactly what you consume. The nutrient profile of these foods can vary massively depending on where and how it is grown and distributed.

These recommendations are also just the minimum amounts you need to stay alive. Not the amounts you need for optimal performance, immunity, cognition, and mood.

So the answer is, you should supplement your diet with some of these important nutrients you are missing out on. Unfortunately, filling these nutritional gaps with proper food supplements can be its own challenge. Let’s look at how to choose with confidence.

Guidelines for Selecting Dietary Supplements

According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, you should:

  1. Verify the ingredients are supported with solid evidence for efficacy and safety from scientific reviews, reputable organizations, and/or well-designed human studies. 
  2. Determine whether ingredient forms and dosages in product formulas match evidence-based recommendations.
  3. Check if the product is independently tested to verify label accuracy. For athletes, third-party testing for banned substances is critical.
  4. Request independent research from companies that verifies the claims for their products.

Quite frequently, supplement products cannot meet all four of these guidelines. However, I have found a supplement brand that always strives to meet these criteria for their entire product line: dotFIT.

(Learn more about how dotFIT supports their products with independent, third-party research by exploring their Practitioner Dietary Supplement Reference Guide (PDSRG), 3rd Edition.)

As a long time fitness professional and certified nutrition coach, dotFIT is the product line that I personally use, and that I recommend to my clients. You can use this link to get a personalized supplement recommendation.

Coach Pete’s Guidelines for Supplements

In order to get the greatest benefits for the greatest amount of my clients. I follow these guidelines.

No matter the personal goal. I have everyone taking a multivitamin. If you are looking to improve performance or lose weight you need to fill nutritional gaps with the correct multivitamin.

Vital Nutrients. When you remove calories to lose weight, you also remove vital nutrients the body needs to remain healthy. When you’re pushing to improve performance, there is also a greater demand on the body requiring more vital nutrients. No matter what your goals are, you need to supplement your nutritional needs.

Protein. Supplementing protein is also highly recommended for both weight-loss and performance seekers. We know that most people don’t consume enough protein. Protein shakes allow us to increase the amount of needed protein we consume without adding extra calories.

Protein and multivitamins are foundational supplements. Everything else is customized to you and your goals and lifestyle. You may or may not have a need for anything else. Or you may only need some supplements for a short time to accelerate outcomes.

A proper nutritional and dietary support program can also be used to:

  • Build immunity.
  • Improve digestion and gut health.
  • Improve mood and mental function. 

In summary, you should be eating a balanced meal plan and taking quality supplements to fill the nutritional gaps. Using Dotfit products along with the support from Coach Pete eliminates the guesswork. 

What should I do next?

Easy! You can set up your EMPOWER HOUR.

Empower Hour is a private session where you and Coach Pete create your personalized program which includes nutrition, dietary support, and exercise.

You are worth it!