Understanding the Relationship Between Play and Exercise

Understanding the Relationship Between Play and Exercise - FUN FIT Online Training

I had just returned home from an amazing educational conference in Arizona. Some of the most educated and experienced humans in the fitness world had come together to share and learn the most up-to-date and evidence-based systems in the fitness world. My head was swimming. I was trying to put the common thread together. What was the connection to all that I have learned? 

Then, I hear this clippity clack clippity clack! I look over my shoulder in the parking lot of a Publix. There was this young girl holding her mother’s hand. She had her princess outfit on, crooked crown, fake jewels, and plastic shoes. The shoes skipping on the pavement was the clippity clack sound that made me look.

I giggled at the difference between the mom’s face–stress, deep thought, and worry–and the young girl’s face–free, happy, and smiling.

Then I see them in the store. The young princess was leaping from colored tile to colored tile. I flashback to one of the seminars I just experienced with Master Instructor, Andy Hainey. It covered “bounding in multiple planes of motion to challenge an athlete’s ability to accelerate and decelerate force efficiently”. This beautiful happy princess was naturally doing one of the advanced techniques that I flew thousands of miles to study.

BOOM! It hit me. Play, PLAY, PLAY…. she was PLAYING!

The sessions and lessons that stuck in my mind most from the workshops were those that felt like play! They were technical and evidence-based, and they were fun. No one used jargon or spoke of the ‘sagittal plane’ or the ‘eccentric phase’. They made it fun.

I already knew before I created this company that I wanted to use FUN FIT as the name for my program. It is kind of a play on words.

FUN is short for FUNctional.

FIT is short for FITness.

Including the word “fun” was intentional.

When I ask for feedback on the name from my clients, they responded overwhelmingly that the thing they enjoy most about our time together and their workouts is the fun and variation.

Many of my clients feel like they haven’t repeated a workout ever. Of course, this is not the case. I follow the NASM OPT model. It’s a progressive system that can be applied to every aspect of fitness training. Our body has a miraculous ability to adapt to the specific demands placed on it. That is a primary guide to programming for my clients. Once we know where you are starting from and where you want to go, then we create the program based on the S.A.I.D. (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands) principle.

This means weight loss, muscle gain, strength, speed, balance, mobility, endurance, and flexibility can all be improved using the proper stressors. Here is the caveat, you must actually go thru the stress to make the change. That requires effort, belief, proper execution, and enjoyment.

That is precisely why having a coach working with you is so valuable. 

As your coach, I make sure that you are doing things properly and in the right sequence. Just as important is helping you to find the fun. Fun is what brings clients back. The fun keeps your mind in the workout. It makes it feel like a mental vacation. It brings back your youthful energy.

Although I don’t recommend the plastic shoes that little princess hopped around in, her smile and playful spirit certainly will be part of our journey together. The crooked crown is optional.

If you’re ready to come play, get fit, and meet your goals, fill out my contact form. You are worth it!